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United Way Day Of Caring - May 2007

The United Way of Greater Portsmouth held a Day of Caring on May 28th. Six volunteers from Liberty International Underwriters arrived bright and early to hold a Field Day on the boat. At the end of the day, we had a clean ship to present to the public on Memorial Day. Our thanks go to Holly Peterson-Yakovakis, Li Wu, Marita Fletcher, Siva Cherukuri, Kathy Hebert and Tom Waterman.

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Liberty Mutual's gang at Albacore for the United Way's Day of Caring on May 22nd. Left to right: Kathy Hebert, Marita Fletcher, Tom Waterman, Li Wu and Holly Peterson-Yakovakis. Not pictured is Siva Cherukuri.

Holly and Marita in tight quarters in the bow compartment.

Kathy sweeping up the last pile of dirt before moving aft.

Tom getting a grip on the task ahead.

Li getting started in the aft starboard corner of the Machinery Compartment.

Siva has the last bit of dirt surrounded in the Forward Battery.

Holly is getting into corners not touched since the last Navy field day.

Kathy hitting outboard spaces in Sonar.

Marita classes up the electronic space.

Siva brushing up the Scullery area.

Tom and Li take brief a break from their cleaning efforts.

Everyone arrived at the Engine Room/Cubicle area for the final clean up push.