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United Way Day Of Caring - September 2007

The second United Way of Greater Portsmouth’s Day of Caring for 2007 occurred on September 12th. Thirteen volunteers from Greenwood Heinemann Publishing elected to work at the Park. Six of their team worked to polish up the interior of the boat while the other seven tackled a number of tree, bush and brush clearing projects around the Park grounds. Taking only a short break for lunch, everyone put in a good days work.

Our thanks to the United Way for running such a worthwhile program and to the staff at Greenwood Heinemann for their enthusiasm and hard work.

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Richard Greenleaf trimming an overgrown bush

Lynne Costa and Norm Bower gathering up their trimmings

Eric Chalek sweeping outboard

Vicki Kasabian reaching for high dust

Kristine Guinco back in the Machinery Compartment

Janet Taylor brushing up

Carmen Clark ready to brush up the overhead

Abby Heim cleaning in the Bow Compartment

Elizabeth Valway pulling out severed creepers

Chad Vanderbeck and Kelly Webber pruning branches

Chad Vanderbeck and Val Maloy cutting out creepers

David Stirling working on the exit door

Richard Greenleaf and Lynne Costa finishing up trimming

Lunch Break in the Memorial Garden

The Heinemann Gang

L – R: Chad, David, Lynn, Valerie, Kelly, Carmen, Elizabeth (Behind Kristine), Kristine, Abby, Eric (behind Vicki), Vicki, Janet, Richard