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April 18, 2008 - Berwick Academy Service Day

On 18 April, thirteen students and two faculty members from Berwick Academy arrived at Albacore Park. They were there as part of the Academy’s Service Day program where students go out into the community and lend helping hands to non-profit organizations.

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Springtime invariably finds the Park grounds the worse for wear from the winter. Leaves seem to collect in bushes from all over, trash from the nearby highway hides in brush and rubbish seems to be drawn into the Park. Spring means a good clean up of the grounds is in order. And the youngsters from the Academy gave the Park a good going over.

The intrepid crew of Patrick Durkin, Tara Gallo, Colby Goodman, Alex Harkin, Greta Moran, Josh Richards, Cam Thorpe, Frankie Cone, Adam Kane, Grant Kokernak, Derek Lavigne, Tyler Snover and Briana Welch along with faculty members John Downey and Jim Sullivan gave us a lot of perspiration power!

The team of volunteers did an excellent job of cleaning up the grounds of Albacore Park. After a quick tour of the boat, they got off to a fast start and finished what we thought would take 3 hours in less than 2! After a short lunch break, they had energy enough left to play capture the flag, Frisbee and toss a football around until their bus arrived to take them back to school.

It was truly a pleasure to have such a hard working group come onboard and lend a bunch of hands to smarten up the Park. Everyone left with an Albacore coffee mug, keychain and patch - small tokens of our appreciation that will remind them of an experience that we greatly appreciate and one of which they can be proud. We also sent a copy of the “USS Albacore, Forerunner of the Future” back to the school for their library.

We at Albacore Park thank Berwick Academy, their hardworking students and faculty members John Downey & “Sully” Sullivan for their efforts on our behalf.