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September 10, 2008 - United Way Day of Caring

The United Way’s Fall Day of Caring on September 10th saw another group of volunteers from Liberty Mutual gather at the park. This was the third time Liberty Mutual had elected to perform their community service working at Albacore Park. After a tour of the boat, one group of volunteers concentrated on setting the granite memorial blocks in place in the Memorial Garden while another group pulled weeds, trimmed bushes, picked up trash and otherwise tidied up the park grounds.

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Our thanks go to the team of Michelle Sullivan, Debbie Hollis, Holly Desjardins, Jaime and Jessica Dirck, Tawnya Valliere, Kristie Larocca, Maureen Slagle, Kasey Wheeler, Linda Rumney, Michelle Giles, Patricia Patel and Tammy Mason for a job well done.