USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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5/13/09 - Day of Caring

With the United Way's Spring Day of Caring came another group of volunteers from Liberty Mutual. This is the fourth group from Liberty Mutual that arrived at Albacore Park to perform their day of community service. After some welcoming remarks, the group toured the boat and then divided up into several teams. One team tackled the cleaning of the boat while a second started preparing the trim on the outside of the museum building for painting. A third team dug a trench for a relocated LP gas line and also prepared a pad site outside the storage shed door. As teams finished their primary tasks, they pitched in to pull weeds, paint an interior hallway inside the museum building, do some bush pruning or helped out another team finish up their task.

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Our thanks go to Wesley Dionne, Greg Peralla, Lee Marelli, Kirsten Everet, Penny and Tim Boese, Kris Keeler, Michelle Drehbl, Laurie Stevens, Sara Bastoni, Cathy Sharp, Nicole Wentworth, Katie Fazio, Katie French, Sarah Hersey, Cy Karnes and Group Leader Jodi Karnes for a whole lot of jobs done well. The boat and building were refreshed for guests attending the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Park on the 25th.

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