USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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September Day of Caring - Surprising Find at the Park

Twice a year, the United Way sponsors a Day of Caring, when groups of volunteers from local businesses go out into the community and help non-profit agencies perform tasks that otherwise would go unfulfilled.

Early in September, the Park benefited from the efforts of a group of "boot" chiefs when they came aboard to perform a portion of their community service. Part of their efforts entailed the removal of brush and weeds off the starboard bow of Albacore. The cleared area opened up the visibility of Albacore to vehicles coming off the Route 1 By-Pass bridge from Kittery. Due to the amount of brush in place and limitations on their time, the "boots" were only able to clear about half of the brush.

For the eighth time as a part of the Day of Caring program, a group from Liberty Mutual Insurance came to the Park to lend helping hands. One of the primary tasks they undertook was to finish clearing the brush from off Albacore's bow. As they were winding up the clearing effort, one of the group saw what looked like the fluke of an anchor! As more of the brush was cleared away, the whole of the anchor was exposed. The brush clearing team moved the anchor out of the brush patch and onto a grassy area by the boat's bow.

Thanks to the folks at Liberty Mutual, we now have a research project to figure out where the anchor came from and how it came to be at Albacore Park.