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2011 Fall Day of Caring

The Liberty Mutual volunteers

Once again, we were invaded by a group from Liberty Mutual. This was their tenth appearance at Albacore Park for a United Way sponsored "Day of Caring." For the second time, Kristy Seid led a team who left the Park looking better thanks to their efforts. In addition to Kristy, repeat volunteers were Justin Goss, Joe Hempfling, Matt Rudell and Mark Smets. (It must be the Moes submarine sandwiches we feed them that keeps them coming back.) Newcomers were Ed Lee, Kate Lemieux and Tommy McGuiness.

After the usual tour of the boat, the group broke into four pieces. A team of two began weeding around the museum building.

A second team of four began clearing tall brush from the area in front of the boat.

One lucky individual walked the road between Market Street and the Route 1 By-Pass picking up trash.

Executive Director John Maier grabbed the final member to help clean out the light fixture recesses inside the museum building.

After lunch, the group came together to help John complete an inventory of museum clothing and to package sea creature grab bags.

At the end of the day, the grounds looked a lot better, and the boat once again could be more readily seen by those coming off the bridge from Kittery.

Thanks to PPMMA Board Co-Chair Ken Herrick, the large pile of cut-down brush went to the dump, leaving the Park clean and ready for Saturday's annual inspection by NAVSEA.