USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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News and Events

Fall Day of Caring - 2013

The United Way of the Greater Seacoast's Fall Day of Caring was held on Wednesday, September 12th - Patriot's Day in the US. Our team of volunteers consisted of Dan Demers and Tom Vasile, two members from the nearby Air National Guard at Pease and Marilyn Johnson and Gale Turner, two very independent ladies.

As usual, the Park's Executive Director John Maier had an ambitious TO-DO list of items for the group to tackle. After some welcoming remarks from John, the group took a tour of the boat and then got into John's list. The day was a scorcher, with temperatures running in the 90s with high humidity - not an optimal day for working outdoors.

But the weather did not deter the team. Lead by COB Norm Bower, Dan and Tom set to work trimming the bushes around the museum building. Marilyn went into the Memorial Garden and began removing the weeds growing in the Memorial Block walkway while Gale began filling children's Grab Bags. After cleaning up the bush trimmings, COB, Dan and Tom moved up to the bow of the boat and began cutting back brush growing there and along the Route 1 By-Pass. A lot of water and cool-down breaks were taken to keep everyone hydrated and to prevent overheating.

After a noon break for Moes sandwiches, the team was back at it, with Gale now working outside painting a section of trim along the base of the museum building, Marilyn back at the weed in the walkway. and the men finishing up along the By-Pass.

At the end of the day, John's TO-DO list was pretty well demolished. Our thanks go out to the United Way for organizing and promoting another day of volunteerism that saw 650 volunteers contributing the equivalent of $95,000 worth of free labor to Seacoast non-profit agencies. Each of our volunteers left with Park logo items to remind them of their contribution of time, energy, and especially perspiration.

Marilyn cleaning out the weeds

Gale packaging the kids' Grab Bags

Dan and Tom contemplating the results of their bush-trimming effort

Tom, COB Bower, and Dan working along the By-Pass

Dan letting it all hang out along the By-Pass