USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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News and Events

2014 Fall Day of Caring 

September 11th was celebrated by the Seacoast United Way as their Fall Day of Caring. Albacore Park was the recipient of a day's worth of extraordinary effort on the part of 10 members from Teledyne DGO and 4 members from the Portsmouth Music Hall.

The workday began by observing a few moments of silence in recognition of the events of September 11th, 2001. After a tour of the boat, the group broke up into several teams and began tackling John Maier's wish list of projects. The women from the Music Hall went to work in the propeller field uprooting weeds and giving the grounds a thorough clean up.

Two Teledyne members grabbed paint, brushes and started touching up woodwork around the exterior of the museum building.


Three other Teledyne members began the ever-popular weed removal around the Memorial Garden.


Four of the remaining Teledyne personnel went into the Memorial Garden and started removing the bushes in what was the circular fountain with the final Teledyne member cutting down weeds off the bow of the boat.


Moes sandwiches arrived at 1230 and everyone took a well-deserved lunch break. The afternoon saw everyone concentrating on the Memorial Garden - trimming away brush, removing weeds, pruning branches and getting the weeds out of the stone walkway.


By 1500, everyone was pretty tired and John's wish list had taken a severe beating. As a thank you for their efforts, everyone took home either an Albacore shot glass, coffee mug or water glass.

The day's participants were: Sue Engle, Diane Gibbins, Marilyn Johnson and Jan Phelps from the Portsmouth Music Hall and from Teledyne DGO were Tracy Cranshaw, Alan Gagnon, Carl Goddurd, Maurita Mitchell, Doug Parker, Rich Ranolli, Connie Rickwall, Grace Rike, Tara Singleton and Paul Varney.