USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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News and Events

2014 New Museum Display

The new exhibit is a top-notch job. The layout was conceived by Portsmouth Submarine Museum Association (PSMA) board member Ken Herrick, and executed by Ken and fellow board member Jim Wakefield.

Except as noted below, the ship profiles are framed and identified by ship name, class, building yard and years that class was in service.

Starting with the large left panel, the first two boats are of the Gato (top) and Balao (bottom) Classes from WWII.

The second pair of profiles are of the IREX (snorkel prototype at top) and the ODAX (Guppy prototype below IREX).

The single sub that follows is the TANG. This was the lead vessel of the 563 Class.

The next two subs are not photos, but are 3-D models of the ALBACORE (top) and the NAUTILUS (bottom).

The image below shows the large printed page that lies between the ALBACORE and NAUTILUS models.


After ALBACORE is the BARBEL, and after the NAUTILUS is the SWORDFISH of the Skate Class.

The final sub in the left panel is a 3-D model of the SKIPJACK of the Skipjack Class. Below is the note placed under the SKIPJACK.

Beginning at the left end of the right-hand panel, from the top down are: GRAYLING of the SSN 637 Sturgeon Class, THRESHER of the SSN 593 Class, ABRAHAM LINCOLN of the SSBN 598 Class and ETHAN ALLEN of the SSBN 608 Class.

Across the top to the right of GRAYLING are: PORTSMOUTH (SSN 688 Class), SEAWOLF (SSN 21 Class) and a 3-D model of NEW HAMPSHIRE (Virginia Class).

SSBNs to the right of ETHAN ALLEN are: JOHN ADAMS (SSBN 620), USS OHIO (SSGN 726) and a 3-D model of USS MAINE (SSBN 741).

The large panel in the center appears below.


The remaining panel to the right is shown below.


"Cold War Submarines" made the 3-D models, and the profiles are by "US Military Art."