USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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News and Events

2014 Spring Day of Caring 

On May 22nd, thirteen members of the Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory Equipment Division from Newington, NH reported to Albacore Park for the United Way of the Greater Seacoast's "Spring Day of Caring." This was the second year that Thermo Fisher has volunteered at the Park. The group came prepared to put in a full day of work. Park Executive Director John Maier and Albacore COB Norm Bower had drawn up an ambitious "wish list" of work to be done.

Following a tour of the boat, the volunteers turned to and began chipping away at the "wish list."

 One of the major items to be tackled was to cut down brush and bamboo-like growth in the fields on both sides of the Albacore Connector Road. When the day was done, visibility of the Albacore coming from Maine across the middle bridge was greatly improved. Additional growth was removed from the north side of the access road into the park. 

A team went into the boat and cleaned all the flashcovers, removing grit that had accumulated over the years. Another team cleaned up the flowerbeds in and around the Memorial Garden, and also removed weeds from the block path in front of the flagpole. Hedges around the museum building were trimmed and two team members walked the grounds spraying for dandelions. 

The propellers in the propeller field were given a fresh-water scrub down to remove bird droppings, and droppings were flushed from the tarmac walkway.

 Everyone enjoyed a Moe's submarine sandwich and bottled water for lunch. At the end of the day, each member of the team was given an Albacore logo item as a reminder of the productive day they spent at the Park. 


Participants were (L to R): Josh Downs, Joe Stocker*, Mike Duzak, Nate Lang*, Gabriella Holl, Sheila Long, Lindsay Low, Ken Hall*, Mary Turner, Chuck Beaulier*,  Earl Van Bramer, Chuck Wolfe, Ken Parker, and Ilya Gribov. (The * denotes a returning member from last year's team.)


Josh, Chuck and Lindsay hang a flag on the forward brow in preparation for Memorial Day.


Joe, Ken and Nate begin cutting down brush in front of the boat.

Mary, Chuck and Sheila begin weeding the Memorial Garden.


Earl and Gabriella join the brush removal team along the Albacore Connector road.

Lindsay gives the shrubbery along the museum building a trimming.

Chuck also begins the trimming process from the other side of the building.

Nate and Ilya scrub bird dropping from the propellers.

Ken, Lindsay, Mike and Chuck dig weeds out of the block walkway.

Lindsay takes a break between jobs.

Mary and Sheila continue working their way around the Memorial Garden removing weeds.

Earl on weed killing patrol along the parking lot.

Josh works on killing weeds behind the parking lot.

Chuck, Joe and Ken are getting to the root of the brush problem.

Joe in full brush pruning mode.