USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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News and Events

2014 Youth Service Day

Berwick Academy Volunteers

 Once again this year, Albacore Park was the host for a group of students from Berwick Academy. Friday, April 25th saw seven students and a faculty advisor arrive to spend the day doing a series of projects that greatly benefited the Park. This is an annual event for the school where they take time away from academic studies and help non-profit organizations in the greater Portsmouth area.

Joining faculty member Jen Onken were students Georgia Barlow, Anna Cronin, Samantha Gaudette, Joey Lazzaro, Martha Merrow, Dan Perreault and Trevor Schaepe.

Park Executive Director John Maier and COB Norm Bower had drawn up an ambitious list of "gee, it sure would be nice to have" items for the group to tackle. After a quick tour of the boat, everyone received an assigned task and went right to work. With Frenchy Tranchemontagne leading, one team walked the Park perimeter and along the Route 1 By-Pass bagging debris deposited during the course of what was a never ending winter. A second team headed into the Memorial Garden and raked up leaves and branches knocked down over the winter.  A third team set to work sweeping up the sand in the parking lot. Additional chores accomplished included the removal the clods of earth the snow plow dug up from the edges of the parking lot; painting the posts lining the parking lot; cleaning the inside of the museum building windows; assembling "grab bags" in the gift shop and cleaning bird droppings from the propellers in the propeller field.

At the end of the day, the Park had received a good going over with many of the ravages of the past winter removed. Each team member was given an Albacore mug as a token of our gratitude and as a reminder of the day.