March 2016

Dear Shipmate,

Old Man Winter threw a wrench into the walkway replacement schedule. Things were going well until a snowstorm and freezing temperatures arrived. (See photo below.) All that remains to is to backfill the walkway edges with loam and add grass seed.  Additional photos of progress to date are available in the Photo Gallery on our website "" under WALKWAY.

The partially completed pathway looking north toward the museum

Work on the basin renovation project began in early January. The work is expected to take 18 weeks to complete. In the meantime, for the safety of potential visitors and the construction workers, the Park is closed. PSMA Board Member Jim Wakefield is closely following the project's progress and after our 3/26 FOA meeting, he gave us a guided tour of the basin. Jim has been providing pictures that document the various stages of the contractor's work. These photos are posted on our website's Photo Gallery under BASIN so everyone can follow along.

Opening stage of the basin renewal process

If anyone is interested in joining the PSMA Board of Directors, please contact Jim Wakefield at either "" or call him at (207) 363-2485.

Jerome Walker, a brother of Shipmate Richard Walker, informed me that Richard departed on Eternal Patrol 23 years ago. Richard frequently talked with his family about his time on Albacore, so when Jerome recently found a reference to Albacore in a magazine, he went to our website only to discover that his brother was listed on our Missing Shipmates page. Thanks, Jerome, for getting in touch and resolving Richard's status.

I regret to report that shipmate Jim Donini departed on Eternal Patrol on 2 January of 2015. Jim was an EM2 while serving on Albacore from '60-'62. Also, shipmate Bob Pomella departed on Eternal Patrol on 17 February of this year. Bob had been battling brain cancer for over a year before succumbing to the disease. Sailor, Rest Your Oar.

On the brighter side, Norm Bower recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Congratulations COB and best wishes for many more. Also, congratulations to shipmate Ken Latchaw and former Albacore Park Executive Director John Maier both of whom have become the latest members of the PSMA Board of Directors. Welcome aboard.

Recently, our web site was 'hacked'. As soon as we were made aware of the intrusion, PSMA's Executive Director Jim Craig notified our web master John Stephenson. John immediately took steps to clean out the bad files and engaged an outfit named Site Lock that automatically checks for inserted files, removes them and notifies us of any incidents. John is confident that our site is now clean and fully restored.

As noted in January's newsletter, the Friends of Albacore Committee is looking for several additional former crewmembers to step in to help keep the committee going. If you are interested in joining us or have questions about what FOA does, please contact Jack Hunter or just attend our next meeting scheduled for 1100, April 23rd at the museum building.

If you are receiving this newsletter via Uncle Sam’s postal service, it is because we do not have an e-mail address for you. In addition to the 176 copies sent out electronically, there are 39 more that go out as hard copy. We would prefer to be totally GREEN and deliver all the newsletters electronically to save on paper and stamps. If you have recently had a change of address, telephone number, e-mail provider or if you just have something you would like to submit for posting on the website, please pass that information along to Jack Hunter by email, snail mail or telephone. 

Until next time, shipmate.

Jack Hunter
11 Admiralty Drive, Apt 3
Middletown, RI 02842-6254
(401) 849-7282