May 2016

Dear Shipmate,

Work on the basin renovation project continues. As the project nears completion, a portion of the tall shrubs that lined the Route 1 By-Pass has been removed. While these shrubs were intended to serve as a noise buffer from the traffic on the by-pass, they were only partially successful in that role. After careful consideration, the PSMA Board of Directors elected to remove them and replace them with a 6-foot tall black chain link fence. This new fence serves two functions: It provides an improved Park safety barrier and opens up visual sight lines of the boat from the adjacent roadway. Since a good number of our Park visitors have come in after seeing the boat from the road, this move is expected to have a positive impact on visitation.  You can follow the progress of the basin rebuilding project on our website "".

Brows in place, prepping for walk around the basin

During the lengthy winter shutdown period, the museum and sales areas have undergone a facelift. This has seen the installation of additional shelving for display of merchandise in the sales area and new displays of Albacore related artifacts not previously publicly displayed in the museum space. There also is an exhibit on underwater navigation.

Plans for the Memorial Day Ceremony are firming up. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard will participate, as will members of Thresher Base of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc., USCG Auxiliary and the Portsmouth High School band.

Submarine History Day this year will be held on 17 September. The central theme is the USS Constitution and its connection to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Additional details will be provided as plans and participants are firmed up.

Projects completed on the boat include the refurbishment of the Navigation Table, adding a display of cutaway drawings of the boat in the Crews Mess and strengthening of the Diving Officer's control column. Once the brows have been reset in place, a diagram showing the locations of onboard fire extinguishers will be mounted on the forward brow.

The Memorial Garden walkway project has been completed. The walkway edges have been backfilled with soil and seeded. With some assistance from Mother Nature, grass will appear before Memorial Day.

The new Memorial Garden walkway

The United Way's Spring Day of Caring is slated for Friday, May 20. Volunteers from Northway Bank, Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory and PrimeAsia Leather Company will spend the day helping to prepare the Park for the Memorial Day Service. If you are in the area and would like to lend your support, please contact Park Executive Director Jim Craig at (603) 436-3680.

The reopening of the Park for visitors will be somewhat driven by the weather and the state of the basin renovation work. It is expected that, while the basin work will be completed, the grounds around the basin will still be recovering from the effects of heavy machinery running over the lawn. Due to known slippages in the basin work project, the Park's reopening day is now anticipated for Friday, May 13. A more formal opening is planned during Submarine History Day in September.

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Until next time, shipmate.

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