July 2016

Dear Shipmate,

The Submarine Rescue Chamber that was on display at the Park during the 2014 Submarine History Day celebration of Adm. Momsen has been restored by Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. PSMA and PNS have tentively agreed on a long-term loan of the chamber to the Park. However, some at PNS are having second thoughts about the transfer. Stay tuned.

The United Way's Spring Day of Caring was held on Friday, May 20. Volunteers from Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory and PrimeAsia Leather Company spent the day helping to prepare the Park for the Memorial Day Service. A total of 27 people showed up and spent the day tackling Jim Craig's extensive wish list. At the end of the day, the teams had: weeded a section of the Memorial Garden flower beds; scraped, sanded and painted the exterior trim on the museum building; removed rocks from the grassy areas in front of the boat and the side hill to facilitate mowing; watered the newly planted grass areas around the Park; scrubbed bird droppings off benches, monuments, propellers and Albacore's hull; wire brushed rust spots and preserved the brows; removed the deteriorating fence alongside the parking lot; straightened the mail box; stuffed grab bags; vacuumed a/c vents in the museum; cleaned up trash along the Route 1 By-Pass; swept up loose straw ground cover from the basin walkway and freshened the paint on the sales area benches. Everyone enjoyed Moes sandwiches for lunch and received a 'parting gift' at the end of the day. Thanks to all for their hard work.

The group from PrimeAsia Leather Company

The group from Thermo Fisher Scientific


Current 2018 reunion thinking is to hold the get together from 8 (check in) to 12 (breakfast & farewell) August. A lot of fine-tuning of the schedule remains to be done, but take this as a 'heads up' and block out the dates on your calendar. Shipmate John Gandiello is spearheading the reunion effort. If you have any suggestions or want to lend a hand, please contact John at either "" or call him at (317) 441-8843.

I regret to report that Shipmate Jim Goode departed on Final Patrol on 9 July. Jim was an EMC(SS) and served on Albacore from '57 to '60.

Shipmate Mike Nowicki has a new address of 701 Massachusetts Avenue, Unicoi, TN 37692. His email is "" and a phone of (423) 330-0740. Captain David Kratch has relocated to 14228 Foliage Court, Midlothian, VA 23112. Ted Davis has moved and can be found at 761 Alliance Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, phone (757) 716-3248 and email is "".

The 17 September Submarine History Day will focus on the USS Constitution - old Ironsides. More information to follow.

Bob Roddy is being added to our shipmates list. Bob worked at the former David Taylor Model Basin (now: The Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division) for 45 years starting in June of 1967 as a naval architect.  His first full-scale trial was on the AGSS-569 powering trials when the boat was being tested with the 7.5' spacing (middle spacing) of contra-rotating propellers. During the first 1/3 of his career, he mostly worked in the fields of resistance and propulsion of surface ships and submarines and preliminary hull and propeller design.  During most of the rest of his career, he worked in the field of submarine stability and control with several years of full-scale stability and control trials on the first two boats of the Ohio Class SSBNs. During the last few years at the Model Basin and up to the present, he has been active in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers - Marine Forensics Committee with special emphasis on the "Titanic". Bob lives at 2169 Stewart Dr., Washington, IA 52353. His email is  "" and phone (319) 653-7427. Welcome back aboard Bob.

 The following very gracious note was received by PSMA from Anneta Stanton Kraus following a recent family visit to the park. Anneta is the daughter of Doris Stanton Bowers, Albacore's sponsor.

"Dear Members of Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association,

It was my privilege and that of some of my family members, to visit the Albacore Submarine and Museum on June 12, 2016.  I was amazed to see the very professional, secure, and polished new look of the park.  All of you have accomplished something very meaningful to those associated with Albacore 569, visitors of today and tomorrow, and those who love history as I do.  One can only leave the park with a greater sense of pride in our country and the part it's military has played in keeping that country we love safe and free.

The committee that greeted us and so informatively gave us an A+ tour made us feel like visiting dignitaries!  Ken Herrick, Norm Bower, and George "Frenchy" Tranchemontagne were so gracious and kind to spend part of their Sunday with us.  I have always visited the park when there was a special occasion.  This time, with their guidance I learned much more about Albacore 569.  They also assisted me in informing Karen, Mike, and Rachael about a special part of the legacy of the Stanton family. Rachael is my hope to take this information into the next generation.  Rachael and her mother have Stanton as their middle name and I have a solemn pledge from Rachael that she will carry the name forward with one of her children.

As you know my father, Arthur Lemmie Stanton, was lost with his fellow submariners on Albacore 218 in November 1944.  His grave is Albacore 218 off the coast of Japan.  I go to Albacore Park to remember him and to pay my respects.  Being the sponsor of Albacore 569 was a major highlight in the life of my mother, Doris.  So really, both of their spirits are there at the park.  I have asked for information gathering from Ken so that I might provide a monument to both of them there.  Thank you for such a lovely spot to visit and remember my parents.

I had told my family that I would let them pick out something from the store that they thought would be special to them.  I certainly did intend to pay for those items but your committee insisted that you had planned to provide those items.  Thank you guys!  I will wear my jacket with pride. I have already sewed a patch on the jacket for Albacore 218 that you gave to me years ago and I have my Albacore 569 cap.

I will continue to support and visit the park whenever it is possible to do so.  Do continue to inform me through your newsletter of upcoming special events.  Again, thank you.           

Most sincerely,

Anneta Stanton Kraus"

Until next time, shipmate.

Jack Hunter
11 Admiralty Drive, Apt 3
Middletown, RI 02842-6254
(401) 849-7282