March 2017

Dear Shipmate,

The view looking northward from the Park has radically changed. The old steel towers that supported the center lift span of the Sarah Mildred Long (middle bridge) are GONE! New concrete towers are rising to receive the new lift span. Several new sections of the replacement bridge roadway are in place reaching out from the NH side of the Piscataqua River toward the new towers. The photo below was taken from the parking lot near Albacore's bow.


A conceptual design has been generated for the construction of a 20 X 40 foot storage building to be erected on Park grounds. Tentatively, the building would be sited on the southern end of the property (toward the traffic circle). The building will be climate controlled and would be used to, among other things, house the recently donated Hamlen Collection of materials. The process of obtaining permits is underway.

A few years ago, PSMA contacted the Engineering Department at UNH (University of New Hampshire) with a request to participate in the Department's annual student senior project program. That year, students performed a design study of the existing basin and presented several options for rebuilding the basin. The students presented four potential designs, listed the materials needed for each, set forth the permitting process and provided cost estimates for each option. This project proved to be valuable when PSMA went looking for design options and bids on what is now the redesigned basin. Once again this year, PSMA has engaged the UNH Engineering Department to come up with options for expanding the existing Museum building. The Museum holds far more material than it can possibly display in the space currently available. It is hoped that the results of this year's senior project will serve as the basis for PSMA going forward with an expansion project.

Students from Berwick Academy are returning to the Park for their Youth Service Day. The date is Thursday, April 20th. Park Executive Director Jim Craig and PSMA Board members Ken Herrick and Jim Wakefield are pulling together a work list to keep the expected 40 student volunteers gainfully occupied for several hours. This will be the seventh time Berwick Academy has provided helping hands to spruce up the Park. If you are in the area and would like to participate, please contact Jim Craig at (603) 436-3680.

Albacore Reunion Committee 2018 chairman John Gandiello would like to hear from our shipmates about their intentions to attend or not attend the August 9-12 2018 reunion in Portsmouth. Understanding that plans may/will change over the next year plus, John is looking for tentative numbers to aid in the planning and negotiation processes. He is asking for a response by email "" or text: 317-441-8843 or snail mail at 5018 Lilium Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168. John would like to hear from you by 30 June. You will not be turned away if you change your mind and decide to attend after originally saying you won't. This preliminary head count is just that - preliminary.

In April, the nationally known Sierra Nevada Brewery Company, the nation's second largest craft beer brewer (Sam Adams being the largest), will introduce its new Torpedo micro brew at the Park. The date has yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

If you are receiving this newsletter via Uncle Sam’s postal service, it is because we do not have an e-mail address for you. In addition to the 189 copies sent out electronically, there are 41 more that go out as a hard copy. We would prefer to be totally GREEN and deliver the newsletters electronically to save on paper and stamps. So, if you have recently gotten on-line, or had a change of address, telephone number, e-mail provider or if you just have something you would like to submit for posting on the website, please pass that information along to Jack Hunter by snail or e-mail or via phone.

Until next time, shipmate.

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