November 2017

Dear Shipmate,

Repairs to Albacore's dented hull resumed with the shaping of the plates by the shipyard, and plates being welding in place by an outside (non-government) contractor. All repairs to the port side and the immediate bow area are complete. There are a couple of areas on the starboard side that may get some attention before the hull is sand blasted and completely repainted sometime in the near future. PSMA Board members Jim Wakefield and Ken Herrick continue to oversee this effort.

September 16th saw the celebration of Naval History Day at the Park. The central theme this year was the surrender of German U-boats at the shipyard at the end of WWII. A special feature was the debut and book signing of our own USS Albacore AGSS 569 An Oral History, featuring the recollections of 23 individuals who served on Albacore or were involved in her life. A number of the oral history contributors took part in the signing event - Dick Carey, Ken Herrick, Jack Hunter, Butch Jordan, Captain Roy Springer, Herm Stolzenburg and Russ Van Billiard. 21 books were sold at the museum store that day.

Our spot for signing copies of the Oral History             Jack, Captain Springer, Butch

To see additional pictures taken that day, go to the Albacore website "" and click on the Photo Galley page.

The City of Portsmouth is undertaking a major upgrade of a portion of Market Street that runs in front of Albacore Park. This includes a center Island with trees, new curbing and sidewalks. On the far side of Market Street across from the Park, the City is creating a new park along the bank of the Piscataqua River. When everything is completed, the section of Market Street extending eastward (toward downtown Portsmouth from the I-95 off ramp at exit 7) will have a totally new look.

Construction of the replacement middle bridge (the Sarah Mildred Long bridge) is nearing completion. The center lift span is in place with the bridge to be re-dedicated on December 1st. The entire project will not be fully completed until early in 2018.

 The climate-controlled building mentioned in the last newsletter is done. The HVAC unit has been installed and paving of the ramp and sidewalk is complete. PSMA has shelving in place and has moved records into the building.

All the permits that are needed to get rid of "Lake Albacore" (the low, marshy area forward of the bow) are in hand. As soon as the State of NH gives its OK to the Army Corps of Engineers, the work can begin. The area will be dredged, backfilled with different soil and seeded.

Crewmembers from the USS New Hampshire have been holding work parties at the Park. Their efforts have been focused on preparing the lower portions of the aft control surfaces for painting and in sprucing up (cleaning, painting, polishing bright work, etc.) the starboard engineroom. Once work there is complete, they will shift over to the port engineroom.

The Portsmouth Submarine Museum Association (PSMA) will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, November 16th at the Strawbery Banke Visitors Center, 14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth beginning at 1800. All are invited to attend but only those paid-up members of PSMA will be allowed to vote during the meeting.

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Until next time, shipmate.

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