USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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Albacore Oral History Project

The Friends of Albacore have completed an Oral History of the USS ALBACORE AGSS 569. The book includes interviews with a number of sailors who served on her from the earliest days to her retirement, and several Portsmouth Naval Shipyard personnel closely associated with the vessel's design and development.

The book is organized around the four major phases of Albacore's development. All sections of the project can be downloaded as PDF files. To determine which Phase includes a particular interview, refer to the Contents section in the first file.

A copy of this book may be purchased for $19.99 plus shipping by clicking on one of the two following links:
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The book is also available through Kindle.

Cover and copyright page

Introduction and Contents
pages v through xiv

Phase 1
First U.S. high-speed experimental sub
pages 1 through 148

Phase 2
Improved control surfaces and quieting techniques
pages 149 through 240

Phase 3
X-stern, dive brakes and dorsal rudder
pages 241 through 357

Phase 4a
Contra-rotating propellers and silver-zinc batteries
pages 358 through 454

Phase 4b
Contra-rotating propellers and silver-zinc batteries (cont.)
pages 455 through 510

Notes, Appendix, Index
pages 511 through 532

The Friends of Albacore is a supporting organization that works in partnership with the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association in promoting the presentation of the historic ship Albacore in a manner befitting her important role in the development of submarine design, operation and technology. We hope you will enjoy the experiences of the men who were so deeply involved in the vessel that had a major impact on today's submarine forces.