May 2018

Dear Shipmate,

2018 Reunion Coordinator John Gandiello has mailed out and posted a reunion registration form on the Albacore website (“”) in the News & Events section giving cost particulars about the August reunion. The cutoff date for registration is 6 July. If you failed to receive a copy or have any questions, please contact John either via email at, or telephone (317) 441-8843 or snail mail at 5018 Lilium Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168. Additionally, John is also looking for a few volunteers to help during the reunion – setting up/taking down tables and chairs, selling raffle tickets, helping to get coffee, donuts, ice, etc. Please contact John if you would like to help.

The Sarah Mildred Long (middle) bridge was originally scheduled to open to vehicular traffic on 1 September of last year. The bridge finally opened on 30 March with little to no fanfare as all the politicians seemed to be busy elsewhere. It will be good to see traffic pick back up on the By-Pass as this will give more of the traveling public exposure to Albacore Park’s existence. The open bridge will also provide easy access to the Park for those reunion attendees staying on the Kittery side of the river.

Now that the Memorial (downtown) and Sarah Mildred Long (middle) bridges have been replaced and opened for traffic, the next big local project for the Maine and New Hampshire Departments of Transportation (DOT) is the refurbishment of the structure and decking on the “high” (Route 95) bridge. The current thinking is to first shut down the three north-bound lanes of the bridge beginning at the Market Street exit.  Northbound traffic would be routed onto Market Street heading toward downtown Portsmouth, up Submarine Way crossing in front of the boat, onto the Route 1 By-Pass and left over the Sarah Mildred Long bridge. In anticipation of a greatly increased flow of traffic from Market Street up to the By-Pass, New Hampshire DOT is widening the existing Submarine Way bridge at Market Street and upgrading the Submarine Way road connecting Market Street to the By-Pass. The start date for the “high” bridge work is several years down the road (no pun intended) but it’s nice to see the State doing some forward planning.

Coming soon to the Albacore website is a change in its construction that will see critical portions of it fit on the small cell phone screen. This change is a result of a recommendation provided to the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association (PSMA) Board of Directors (BoD) by the Albacore Advisory Committee to “improve the website to make it more appealing to users, especially younger people.” Since more and more people are using their cell phones to find things to do and places to go, it is only logical that we adapt to the current trend. Friends of Albacore (FOA) and PSMA now share responsibility for the website and have been working with our webmaster to make this come about. In the future, those who access the website on a cell phone will find that the first four or five pages will contain information the casual visitor will want to see (i.e., days and hours of operation, ticket prices, how to get there, etc.). Links will take the user who wants more in-depth information to the existing pages (Shipmates, News & Events, Flotsam & Jetsam, Photo Gallery, etc.). We will trim some of the oldest, outdated content from the News & Events pages (keeping the latest 2-3 years of information) to cut down on the overall size of the website.

The Advisory Committee also indicated that the BoD functions needed to evolve into more emphasis on policy making and less on actual day to day management and that the role of the Executive Director (ED) needed to be expanded to take on more of these management functions.  The BoD is working to start that change over with the development of a new Position Description (PD) for the next ED and by establishing a new full-time position of Operations Manager. The BoD is close to the end of the process of sorting out functions and developing these new PDs and expects to advertise the ED position soon. 

On March 20th, the UNH Senior Marketing student team presented an interim report on the marketing study commissioned by PSMA. The team’s stated goals were to: identify target customers, define how to effectively reach that target audience, develop a brand message and increase attendance and revenue. The team of seven students will present their findings and recommendations to PSMA early this month.

Interim ED John Maier has sent a request for help in cleaning up the Park’s Memorial Garden to the United Way (U/W) of the Greater Seacoast. John has several major functions at the Park or in the immediate area in late May which include the commissioning of the USS Manchester (LSC-14) at the nearby NH State Pier on the 26th and the traditional Memorial Day Ceremony at the Park conducted by Thresher Base of the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. on the 28th. The U/W has, in turn, posted a request for volunteers on Friday, 11 May as part of U/W’s Day of Caring Program. For the fourth time, a group from Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory has signed on to help at the Park. If you can lend a hand, I know John Maier would appreciate the help. Bring a yard rake and gloves. Oh, and John will give you a Moes sub sandwich for lunch as a thank you for helping out.

We have lost contact with shipmate David Mansell, last address 235 Stanley Ave, Park Ridge, IL. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please let me know.

Shipmate Norm Bower is at home recovering from major surgery. Cards can be sent to 40 Lantern Lane, Bldg 6, Unit 40, Kingston, NH 03848.

Until next time, shipmate.

Jack Hunter
11 Admiralty Drive, Apt 3
Middletown, RI 02842-6254
(401) 849-7282