USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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United Way Spring Day of Caring - 2018 

0900 on Friday, May 11th saw a team from Thermo Fisher Scientific arrive at the Park. This was the fifth occasion where the company has provided volunteers to help get the Park cleaned up from the ravages of winter.

Executive Director John Maier and Operations Manager Bernie McAfee had a lengthy list of tasks they hoped to have completed.  The jobs included:

Tree trimming -

Tree trimming

Brush cutting -

Brush cutting

Weeding around the dolphin -

Weeding around the dolphin

Removing bird droppings from the propellers -

Cleaning the propellers

Assembly of two new picnic tables -

Assembling picnic tables

Cleaning Albacore's stern area of bird droppings -

Cleaning the stern area

Patching cement work on the museum's entry ramp -

Patching the cement work

Applying weed killer along the walkway edges in the Memorial Garden -

Applying weed killer

Repairing damage done by the snow plow and applying grass seed to the repaired areas along the border of the parking area -

Applying grass seed

Moving dirt and stones to fill in snow gouges along the border of the parking areas -

Moving dirt and stones

Additional tasks tackled included picking up trash along the Route 1 By-Pass, raking up leaves and other debris throughout the Park’s grounds, cleaning monuments and benches in the Memorial Garden and across from the submarine, polishing brass plaques in the engine room, pulling weeds, painting and staining posts, cleaning fans taken from inside the boat and stuffing bags with sea creatures. Taking only a half hour for a lunch break of Moes sub sandwiches and cold bottled water, the eighteen-member team wiped out John and Bernie’s To Do List by 1500 and were looking for more.

Thanks to the Thermo Fisher team, the Park wore a fresh look and was looking great for the people attending the week-long festivities associated with the commissioning of the USS Manchester (LCS 14) on 26 May, the traditional Memorial Day ceremony at the Park on the 28th and the influx of those soon-to-arrive summer visitors.

Group from Thermo Fisher

Shown above, not in photo order, the Thermo Fisher Team members: Mike Adams, Chris Allen, John Bailey, Keomany Bouthdara, Earl Van Bramer, Lisa Breeze, Ben Bronano, Mark Day, Mike Duzau, Gabriella Holl, Nate Lang, Sheila Long, Susan Nachtysel, Ann Roberge, Derek St.Gelous, Joe Stocher and two others who missed signing in on the attendance sheet.