USS ALBACORE - "Forerunner of the Future" - AGSS 569 - Pioneering Research Vessel
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Shipmates Remember

This page will be your jumping-off point for a growing list of memories, tall tales and outright lies as told by those who knew Albacore. Click the item link to read it.

I am a Submariner
Author Unknown

A Sailor's Lament
Author Unknown

A Lament
Author Unknown

Ever a Submariner
Submitted by Jody Wayne Durham

Author Unknown

Old Smokeboat Sailors
Author Unknown

Streaking - New England Style
Submitted by Phil Barbour

RADM Ross N. Williams
Submitted by Theo 'Ted' Clark

The Orange Submarine
Submitted by Lee 'Skip' Vellom

Hello, Remember Me?
Author unknown

Smoke -- Just One More Time
Author unknown

Fun with the Skimmers
Submitted by Forrest Cramer

Ol' Sailors
Author unknown

I Was a Sailor Once
Author unknown

A Ray of Sunshine
Submitted by Jack Hunter

The Shakedown of the Albacore
Author unknown. Provided by Don Gasmire EN3, ’53-‘55

Sub Hunt
Submitted by James Tyrell

The Diving Alarm Ballet
Submitted by Mike Hemming

An Albacore Accident with a Happy Ending
Submitted by Steve Cuff